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Dr. Yael can you explain me the procedure?

Let’s go step by step:

1) First you shall take a check-up: It is important because fillings or crowns can be problematic and need to be considered, as well as sensitive teeth.

2) It is advised to have a professional tooth cleaning before the actual bleaching to make sure the product can enter every space of your tooth to have an even result.

2)    After a checkup and a professional cleaning, the bleaching takes an extra appointment of one hour at the clinic (clinic bleaching) or a short appointment in the clinic to take impressions for home bleaching. 

What is a clinic bleaching?

A clinic bleaching happens inside of the clinic. 

The procedure in the clinic is first a covering of the gum to protect it from the bleaching material. The material is put on the tooth, it is an oxidizing gel (hydrogen peroxide) that works on the enamel. A bright light will be placed in front of the tooth that activates the material for 30- 60 minutes. In cases with a higher demand for bleaching a 2nd appointment can be arranged.

What is a home bleaching?

For this procedure the patient needs to take an impression of the tooth and an aligner will be created. The patient receives material for bleaching from his doctor that he needs to put into the aligner and thereafter the aligners into the mouth for the night. Within several days the teeth are softly lightened up.

Can a bleaching be repeated?

Bleaching can be repeated since the result is temporary and can darken within the next 1-  3 years. For an appointment or further questions please consult our team.

Can a bleaching harm my teeth? 

By bleaching the very slight part of the tooth is addressed and some minerals are dissolved by the material. If you have pain by hot or cold drinks you shall be careful with bleaching and consult with Dr. Yael.

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