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Is your child 12-13 years old and needs an Orthodontic treatment?

Braces are a solid option to correct the tooth position and the bite. Braces are devices that are used for tooth correction. A set of braces are put on each tooth then a wire is inserted into the braces and by constant pressure, the teeth are slowly moved into the right position. 

When is the right time for a treatment with braces?

Braces are being inserted not earlier than the age of 12 mostly. One of the requirements is that the patient already has most or all permanent teeth.

Braces are not inserted on milk teeth. 


Before inserting the braces the doctor must have a detailed checkup to see what needs to be corrected. The bite, the tooth position, if there are gaps or crowding. As well an X-ray overview is demanded before starting treatment to be sure the teeth are in a good condition and don’t need a dental treatment before such as fillings or gum treatment. As well, professional pictures must be taken beforehand. Dr. Yael will help you to be guided to the places and procedures necessary to do all the preparation.

Start the Treatment

After the patient is ready to start a treatment it must be decided: what kind of braces he prefers. One option is ceramic braces, another option is bracing from metal. Both have the option to put colorful gummies ch brace around each brace. They keep the wire in the right place.

How Long the Treatment Last? 

Treatment with braces takes between 6 months up to 24 months depending on the tooth position.

The appointment shall be taken every 4-6 weeks.

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