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Dental Checkup

Why professional tooth cleaning and check up is important?

Professional cleaning supports our daily cleaning in a more (detailed) effective way using professional utensils. A professional tooth cleaning is recommended 1-2 times a year depending on the demand. 

Which procedure is Dr. Yael doing in the treatment?

1) First scaling off accumulated tartar.

2) second, in case of a lot of tea and coffee stains Dr. Yael uses airflow to remove those stains.

3) Polishing is always important after cleaning so the surface is smooth, hindering substances to attach itself to the tooth.

4) After cleaning Dr. Yael Blumstein can do a fluoridation at the end of the treatment. 

What is Fluorid and what does it do?

Fluoride is the only mineral the tooth can absorb, and it strengthens the crystal structure of the teeth and makes it stronger. Especially for patients with sensitive teeth due to hot and cold drinks will experience pain reduction when applying fluoride.

What is Dr. Yael doing in the check up?

Besides the cleaning Dr. Yael is checking on the teeth if there is a caries or gum inflammation as well as checking if the crowns or fillings are still sufficient. If further treatments are needed, Dr. Yael will recommend which step to take next.

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