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Dr. Yael, can I improve my smile with invisible braces?

Yes, with transparent Aligners that are removable your smile will be perfect after the treatment. aligners are transparent devices from thermoplastic material and are barely visible in the mouth of the patient. The aligner is custom-made for each patient according to their actual shape and form. You can take them in and out.

Dr. Yael, what are the steps for the treatment?

  1. During a first check-up, the patient can mention her/ his wish for his/ her future smile, and Dr. Yael can decide if an aligner therapy can be possible for the situation of each patient.

  2. X-ray diagnostic and professional pictures must be taken in a place outside the clinic, that Dr. Yael can recommend. The data is transmitted by email and after that a third appointment is necessary.

  3. A 3D scan is made by Dr. Yael of the patient’s teeth and bite. In the software of Invisalign, the Doctor can set up the treatment according to the treatment goal and the aligners can be ordered.

  4. Installation of the attachments and receiving the aligners, is the start of the active treatment.

What is the price of Invisalign?

To know the price, you need to come for a consultation. There are 3 options for the treatments with in Invisalign. A two month- a 6 month and a longer than 6 month treatment.

How fast can I start the treatment?

After the diagnostic details Dr. Yael will order a whole set of aligners. Since the Invisalign aligners are shipped from the United States of America to Israel. That’s why it takes around one month until arriving to Israel.

Can I eat or drink with the aligners?

For drinking and eating the patient needs to take the aligners out. Besides the aligners, the patient gets attachments on their teeth. 

What are attachments?

Attachments are drops of composite that the aligner can hold on to move the teeth to the right position.

Can only grown ups wear aligners?

Aligners are very popular among grown-ups and as well applicable to kids. It is a “clear” alternative to metal braces”

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