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Orthodontic Treatment

Who shall book an Orthodontic consultation with Dr. Yael Blumstein? 

An orthodontic check-up is possible for grown-ups as well as for children who like information about straightening their teeth. To hear about the possibilities for the treatment the duration and costs.

How much does it cost and how long will be the appointment? 

The appointment takes up to 30 minutes depending on each case. The cost for the check up is 100NIS and can be payed by card, cash or BIT.

What is the best age for the first check up? 

The recommended age for the first check-up is 7 years. The growth and development can be evaluated, and treatment can be initiated or deferred according to the individual situation. Orthodontists can spot subtle problems with jaw growth and emerging teeth while some baby teeth are still present.

Do I need to bring an x-ray to the consultation? 

Not necessarily, just in certain cases, a more detailed diagnosis is needed, such as a panoramic X-ray or consultation with further specialists. In this case, Dr. Yael connects the patients to the needed Doctor or institute.

What are the treatment devices used in an orthodontic treatment?

Treatment options can be with braces (metal or ceramic) with aligners such as invisalign (transparent plastic shields) and if needed with extra devices and appliances that are chosen individual for each patient.

Doctor Yael will give different options and will try to find the best treatment for each patient according to their needs.

Can I split the payments?

If the treatment has a longer duration the payments can be split by month. This way flexibility is given to the patients and a special service to enable treatments for everyone. 

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