Dr. Yael Blumstein

Orthodontic Treatment
"A smile is a curve that sets everything straight."


Offering high-quality orthodontic treatment with personalized service in Hebrew, French, and English. Bringing together modern technology and expertise within an inviting and relaxed atmosphere.

Treatments are available for all ages with a variety of appliances; such as traditional braces, functional devices or invisible Aligners (Invisalign), and more.

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About Dr. Yael Blumstein​

Dr. Blumstein is an experienced Orthodontist known and appreciated for her commitment and care towards her patients.

Having received her dental diploma in 2012 from the Goethe University of Frankfurt, Dr. Blumstein continued to specialize in Orthodontics for the next five years. Having obtained experience working at the Phillips University of Marburg as well as private clinics, she became a teacher and lecturer for Orthodontics. Dr Blumstein is a member of the Israeli Orthodontic Association.



Dr. Yael Blumstein


Tel: 03-677-7300

Mobile: 0585551594


Centre Medicale

Lilienblum 6

Neve Tzedek

Tel Aviv Yafo, 6326244

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